"I can only offer the highest recommendation for Norma's Daycare. Her devotion to the kids is truly remarkable. Norma's main concern is the kids' safety and development. She provides a safe, fun, and loving atmosphere for the children to learn and grow. My son loves going to Norma's each morning and is never ready to come home! The daily planned activities, special field trips, and playtime are the perfect formula for kids to develop, learn, and have fun. I credit so much of my son's level of creativity, understanding, and love of learning to Norma and her program. I really appreciate how Norma supports each milestone the children go through as well. Once I was ready to start my son on solid food, take him off the bottle and start potty training-- Norma and the team ran with it. It's made every stage for my son a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Norma and the service she provides. She's the BEST there is!"

-Sara C.

"Thank you for providing a delightful warm caring learning environment for my two year old daughter. I was thrilled to find a preschool which encourages children of different ages to play and learn together. I am sure Rebecca's caring nature has been developed by being around the younger children at school and her desire to try and read, draw and take part in circle time is from being exposed to older children. I have loved that she has a cooked meal each day, a clear routine to the day with lots of free play alongside circle times in both english and spanish. The extra day trips, walks in the local area, themed parties and activities are enriching and only possible due to the fact this is a home-daycare and Miss Norma's dedication to early childhood education. I only wish my older two children had been able to experiance this type of child care rather than the very contained centre type day care. Rebecca lights up when I say it is a school day and I know she is being well cared for in a rich, safe and varied environment."

-Ruth M.

"Norma's daycare is the one and only place we have ever felt truly comfortable leaving our children.  Our five year old was blessed to be in her care for 3 years and he has had a great send off to pre-k.  Our youngest is 2 and has been at Norma's for her entire life.  She absolutely loves being there.  The activites, program, fieldtrips, and love shown to the children is overwhelming.  The children come home happy and excited to share about their day.  Even though this is a family day care setting, it feels like a center because of how well it is organized and how many staff are part of the program.  I recommend  this to all of my friends, who have also chosen to place their children at Norma's.  Huge tears will be shed when we no longer have a need to bring our children to Norma's Kiddie Preschool!"

- Heather C.

Finding "the next best thing to home" was the most important thing to my husband and I for our son. Prior to meeting Norma I had interviewed a TON of daycare providers. I have a file folder an inch thick with notes from other facilities I had visited and to be really honest, was so discouraged by what I saw in so many home daycares. I was beginning to feel - "Am I being too picky??" Then I came to Norma's! I was immediately impressed by how much she loves what she does and loves the children she watches. It is obvious she is born to do this! Her daycare/preschool is SO well run.  She has a ton of educational and fun toys for kids of all ages. She provides the perfect balance of routine and daily planned activities but also time for kids just to be kids! I never have to worry when I leave my son - I may miss him like crazy - but I never worry. I know he is in the BEST hands possible! You can't put a price tag on that kind of peace of mind. I would recommend Norma's Kiddie Preschool to anyone! - Katie L. (mom of a 2 year old)

"Norma's is the most warm and welcoming daycare/preschool that my children have ever been to. From the moment they walk in the door, they are greeted with love and hugs. They look forward to their time at Norma's and often don't want to leave. Norma provides a perfect balance of structure and play.They do appropriate arts and crafts and are learning at the same time.  We are lucky to have our children at Norma's." - Mom of 4 year old and 2 year old

Jack, our first student at NKP in 2007 and his recent 2017 photo.