Below is just a sampling of some of the foods served at Norma's Kiddie Preschool for Breakfast, Lunch and Snacktime!

The food mentioned below is a sample of what your child's menu may look like for the month! We participate in the Child Care Food Program, which is a state program that encourages healthy, balanced meals for young children. You can see our daily lunch menu when you come to visit us at NKP!


To further promote the healthy development of your child's mind and body, we are moving towards a more organic menu, which will include organic milk, pasta, fruits, vegetables, and more.


We know the value of a healthy diet and good habits in developing your child's brain and giving them the energy they need each day to play, grow, and learn.



Milk, Water



Bananas, Oranges, Strawberries, Grapes, Cantalope, Blueberries



Cheerios, Kix, or Cornflakes with milk.


Whole Grains:

Muffins, toast, bagles with cream cheese, homemade pancakes and oatmeal.



Scrambled or hardboiled eggs or sausage.



Milk, Water


Fruits & Vegetables:

A variety of fruits and vegetables including apples, necatarines, oranges, carrots, broccoli, and zuccini.


Main Course:

Hardboiled eggs & wheat toast, homemade chicken noodle soup, quesadillas, spaghetti with whole wheat pasta & ground turkey, Peanut butter & jelly sandwich on wheat bread, chicken strips, mac 'n cheese, bean & cheese burrito.






Fruit, graham crakcers, goldfish, wheat thins, pretzels, string cheese, cheese-it crackers, salami, celery with peanut butter, animal crackers, raisins, yogurt, hummus and vegetables, quesadillas, trail mix.